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Molly Mop Terms & Conditions


Prior to any Services being supplied by Molly Mop, the Client agrees to an initial consultation with a representative of Molly Mop to enable the Services to be supplied to be documented and the cost of these Services to be agreed.  

The Client must allow Molly Mop personnel access to hot/cold water and power.

All equipment must be safe and in full working order.

If the Client does not have suitable materials or equipment, Molly Mop can purchase items on the Client’s behalf, if requested by the Client.  In this instance, the Client understands that a surcharge may be added to the cost of these items.

The Client agrees to either provide Molly Mop with keys to their premises, or agrees an access time, to enable the agreed Services to be carried out.

The Client understands that the cost quoted for their Services does not include anything other than the Services agreed.

The Client agrees to secure all animals on their premises whilst Molly Mop personnel are in attendance.

The Client agrees to remove, or secure, all cash, jewellery, fragile and highly breakable items, on their premises whilst the Services requested are being carried out.

All Molly Mop personnel are interviewed, CRB checked and references obtained from previous employers, or character references where the potential employee has not been employed previously, prior to being employed by Molly Mop.  Molly Mop cannot take responsibility for a failure in the selection procedure for any reason.


Molly Mop reserves the right to change their cost structure at any time, such changes will be notified to Clients in advance. 


Payment is accepted by cash, cheque or bank transfer.  All payments shall be made out in favour of Molly Mop.  The Client will be responsible for all bank and legal charges resulting from a dishonoured cheque or bank transfer.

Molly Mop payment terms are 14 days from the date of Service, Invoice generation will be no later than the end of the week that the Service were provided.  The Client will ensure that all payments are received by Molly Mop on or before the due date. 

Interest will be charged on all late payments at the base rate stated by The Bank of England plus 3%, accruing daily from the date due until the date paid.

Molly Mop is a VAT registered company.

Changes & Termination

Molly Mop personnel may work any day of the week, including Bank Holidays.  The Client agrees to notify Molly Mop of any changes to the date of their scheduled Service visit 2 weeks in advance, failure to do so could result in the Client being invoiced for the Service visit, regardless of whether the Service was carried out or not.

The Client may terminate their Service Schedule by giving at least 2 weeks advanced notice and specifying the last Service date,  failure to do so could result in the Client being invoiced for the notice period, regardless of whether the Service was carried out or not.

The Client agrees to pay the full cost of the Service in the event of Molly Mop personnel not being able to gain access to the Client’s premises.

The Client agrees that after termination of a Service Schedule with Molly Mop, the Client will not hire or use any present or past Molly Mop personnel to carry out Services provided by Molly Mop for a period of 3 months.  If the Client does wish to hire or use such personnel a referral fee of £500 should be made to Molly Mop.

Molly Mop reserves the right to terminate a Client’s Service Schedule should the Client fail to make payments by, or on, the due date. Associated costs will be passed on to the Client. 
Molly Mop will only use Client information as required to conduct its day to day business.   


Whilst Molly Mop will at all times make every effort to ensure the standard and delivery of their Services, Molly Mop gives no warranties of any kind, expressed or implied, for the Services provided to the Client.


The Client will have no recourse to Molly Mop if a Client’s account is in arrears, if Molly Mop has suspended or withdrawn Services as a result of the Client being in breach of any of the terms in the use of their Services, is subject to a wind-up order, has been placed into receivership, or ceased trading. 


The Client agrees that it shall defend, indemnify, save and hold harmless Molly Mop from any and all demands, liabilities, losses, costs and claims, including all legal fees, that may arise or result from any service provided or performed, where all reasonable care has been taken.

In the event of any dispute over the Services provided by Molly Mop, initial attempts to resolve should be made by representatives from both Molly Mop and the Client.  Failure to establish any resolution will result in the matter being referred to adjudication through the courts of England under English jurisdiction. The costs of such adjudication shall be borne by the liable party. 


The Client accepts and understands that poor service, breakage, damage or theft must be reported within 24 hours of the date on which the Service was carried out.  

In the case of breakage or damage, Molly Mop will arrange repair or replacement of the item(s) if its personnel knowingly caused the damage.

Molly Mop reserves the right not to beheld responsible for incomplete or unsatisfactory Services, and no refund can be claimed by the Client for the Services in question, where:

  • the Client has not adhered to these terms and conditions
  • materials and equipment are not provided as agreed by the Client, or not in full working order
  • a third party present at the Client’s premises has prevented Molly Mop personnel from carrying out any part of the agreed Services 
  • wear or discolouring of fabric or items becomes more visible once the Services have been provided,
  • failure to remove old or permanent stains that cannot be removed using the materials and equipment provided
  • any damages caused by a faulty materials or equipment supplied by the Client.

Force Majeure

If Molly Mop is prevented from carrying out Services as a result of circumstances beyond Molly Mop’s control, such products and Services shall be suspended during any period of delay so caused. Instances include, but are not limited to, an act of God, riot, explosion, fire, flood, strikes, lockout, war or government restrictions. 

Entire Agreement 

These terms and conditions represent the entire agreement of the parties relating to any Services provided by Molly Mop.  No warranties, representatives or undertakings not expressly set out within these terms shall be binding on Molly Mop.  No third party (who is not the Client) shall have any rights pursuant to the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.  

Molly Mop reserves the right to make changes to any part of these terms and conditions without giving prior notice.

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