Lychgate Barn
High Street

01829 730969
Tel: 01244 350700
Mobile: 07841 529960

Opening Times:
Monday to Thursday
8am until 4pm.
Friday 8am until 2pm. ›

Frequently Asked Questions

When I hand-over my keys to you, what precautions do you take to keep them safe?

All our customers' keys are kept securely in our office until we hand them out to the cleaners assigned to your job. They sign them out of our office key safe, and back in at the end of the day.

What's your staff turnover like?

We look after our staff and train them to the highest standards so they tend to stay with us. That means the cleaner who cleans your premises will normally be experienced, as well as highly trained.

Are you fully insured?

All our staff are fully insured through our comprehensive policies. We carefully vet each applicant and only take on cleaners that meet our strict criteria and understand our values and philosophy.

I've gone to use a cleaning company before but was put off by the complicated contract they wanted me to sign.
Will you expect me to sign one too?

We do ask our clients to sign a contract with us. We see it as a transaction between two businesses and it ensures we'll both do what we've said we would. Our contracts aren't complicated and we're happy to go through it in detail with you.

Are you a cleaning agency who'll just send any old cleaner to my home?

No. Molly Mop Cleaning employs all its staff directly. Our cleaners get looked after by us and receive full holiday and sick pay, as well as full training. They understand what we stand for as a company and how we expect our clients to be treated. We try to send the same cleaners to regular jobs when we can but whoever cleans your premises is guaranteed to do it to a high-standard of professionalism.

Do you supply all the equipment needed?

We can supply all the materials and equipment needed but are also happy to use the client's own. Of course, where jobs require specialist cleaning equipment, we can bring that with us.

Is your work guaranteed?

Molly Mop Cleaning guarantees all its work for every customer. We undertake a full risk-assessment of your home and provide our cleaning team with a full schedule of works. If you feel something's not up to scratch, we guarantee to do it again at no extra cost to you.

Should you wish to come and talk to us about your cleaning requirements, you can also
call the office on 01829 730969 / 01244 350700 or email us here.
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